Quickly find qualified
and available candidate!

Do you occasionally struggle with finding employee to cover your shifts? You know that despite the quality of your team, you often end up with a labour shortage during busy periods? You need extra staff for a short time only?

Sign up for Dispo and benefit from a bank of qualified temporary employees in the hospitality, catering, tourism and event industry, who are ready to help you at any time!

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Dispo advantages!

Qualified candidates!

We give you peace of mind thanks to our strict and thorough hiring process, and we guarantee the quality of our employees!

Saving time and reducing stress!

We know how the turn of events is often unforeseeable in this industry! With Dispo, we reduce your stress level and find qualified candidates in no time !

Secure and hassle-free transactions

No paperwork to manage! We produce the invoices and take care of everything.

Increase your productivity!

Our employees are all qualified to help you out and help your team perform! In a few clicks, find candidates so that you can focus on your operations!

No payment in advance

You only pay once your candidate’s temporary job placement has been completed.

Your accountant will thank you

Our solutions are much cheaper than standard contracts with temporary job placement agencies, and all that without a contract.


It’s 11:30 Am... Your waiter calls and informs you that he won’t be able to come into work at 4:00 pm. Your restaurant is full tonight and you don’t know how you’ll be able to find a last-minute replacement. You are overwhelmed, you make many calls to several contacts, send out messages on different social networks ... and still no answer!

With Dispo, all you have to do is log into your account and create a proposal for temporary job placement. A request will immediately be sent out to hundreds of pre-qualified and available candidates who could than accept your job offer or not.

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How it works ?

Register your temporary job offer

Within a few and easy steps, register your temporary job offer for today, tomorrow or even next week.

We connect you with the ideal employee!

Your temporary job offer will instantly be sent out to all qualified and available candidate via our application. The first candidate who accepts your offer will be assigned to your establishment, and will arrive at the agreed time.

Rating and Payment confirmation

Once the job is done, all you have to do is rate our employee and confirm his timesheet. The payment will then be sent out to the employee.