Increase your income
when you want and how you want!

You have a few hours or even a few days available this month, why not subscribe to Dispo!
Depending on your availability and your experience, you will receive proposals for temporary job placement in the sector of your choice that you will have the choice to accept or not.
No commitment, no fixed schedule, no constraint. Its Guaranteed!

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It’s 11:30 Am... Your waiter calls and informs you that he won’t be able to come into work at 4:00 pm. Your restaurant is full tonight and you don’t know how you’ll be able to find a last-minute replacement. You are overwhelmed, you make many calls to several contacts, send out messages on different social networks ... and still no answer!

With Dispo, all you have to do is log into your account and create a proposal for temporary job placement. A request will immediately be sent out to hundreds of pre-qualified and available candidates who could than accept your job offer or not.

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Work where you want!
When you want !

You have a few hours or even a few days available this week ?... You can at any time accept or refuse the temporary job offers that will be sent to you.

Increases your monthly income,
we take care of everything else !

You can do a temporary job placement for few hours or even several days. It’s up to you to decide !

Get a better salary

We take care of our community and that's why we pay more than the hourly rate usually paid for this type of job.

No obligation !
No contract to sign !

Dispo will bill the establishment for you, and will take care of everything.

Enhance your experiences!

Gain experience in new industries. We have a variety of temporary job placements available regularly.

It’s like an overload of
job offers falling the sky

As soon as your profile has been validated, log into the application and you will receive proposals for temporary jobs placements according to what interests you. You will be free to accept or reject them without any penalty.

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How it works ?

Sign in to Dispo application

Some basic information will be required so that we can communicate with you.

Profile Validation

Identification, interview, and the basics of getting to know each other.

Getting your temporary job placement directly on your phone

You are free to accept or refuse the temporary job placements you receive.

When the job is done, a payment is made to your bank account quickly

You complete the job, and we secure your payment which will automatically in your bank account.